Home maintenance work

  • Basic subscription for 120 euros per year
  • Premium subscription for 5999 euros per year

Our company offers different types of subscriptions for the maintenance of your apartment or house in case you have more properties or some of them are harder to reach, it is good to
know that someone checks and maintains them in optimal conditions.
As an example, we have the basic subscription that for 120 euros per year, every month a person from the company will visit your property, will check that the windows, doors are in good condition, will check the water installation, electricity is in state of operation.

The premium package, on the other hand, offers you during a year:

  • lawn mowing every 2 weeks {max. 500 sqm}
  • once every 3 months washing the car’s upholstery, a sofa, 2 carpets with a special device that will get rid of mites, covid19, animal hair, and other microbes accidentally brought into the  house
  • replacing lightbulbs or electrical devices damaged during the contract, not including an entire circuit in case of surges.
  • assembling two pieces of furniture in case you purchase something like that
  • a room is repainted at the client’s choice
  • once a year all the windows of the property are washed (max. 12)
  • you have priority over any other work you want to do

For a more detailed discussion please contact us.