We are a company with over 60 employees that mainly deals with metal shelves, cantilevering, and any type of storage shelf.
I had over 1000 works all over Europe and part of Asia over 10 years old.
I have worked for companies like Brico Depot, Obi, Hornbach, IKEA, Baumax, XXL Lutz, and many more.
But also for many individual clients, for whom we installed thousands of chandeliers or furniture from IKEA, we demolished walls or we installed tiles and parquet, they asked us to mow their grass or to clean the car’s upholstery, sofas and carpets. from the house.
We are a complex company that can turnkey a supermarket with shelves/merchandise/cleaning or a fireplace with design/furniture/cleaning.

“For any trip in Haarlem 15 euros plus parking price outside Haarlem 20 euros”
We work on weekends or holidays but are charged 120 percent

Working hours 8-22 without extra charge after 6 pm
For any work it is good to ask for a quote, the prices can be discussed depending on the size and location of the work.